Smart accessories for baby holidays

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Holidays with baby are approaching? Prepare your suitcases by choosing from our selection innovative products this summer that will facilitate your travel with your toddler. Smart, practical and ... light.


Selection updated on June 30, 2016

Smart accessories for baby holidays (29 photos)

Instant AeroMoov travel cot

Light, compact and nomadic, this travel bed can be assembled and disassembled in just a few seconds! The transparent sides allow to monitor baby in peace. One of the faces is made with a solid fabric that protects from the sun and the wind, ideal outside: 149.95 €

Toilet set dBb

A brush, a comb, a bath thermometer, a nail clipper, a synthetic sponge and scissors for baby. This very compact toilet bag contains many small accessories essential to the baby's toilet: 27 €

In specialized stores

BabyToLove Pili Headsets

Too cute, these stuffed cudels! Thanks to their ergonomic shape, they ensure a real support of the head and the shoulders. And they also allow to entertain baby during his moments of games. 0-12M: Pili Lion. Price € 15.95. 12M +: Pili Frog and Pili Zebra. Price: € 17.95.

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Orgakiddy disposable bib

Peas, yes, but in small print rather than crushed on clothes. As on this disposable bib: slipped into the baby travel bag, it will stand ready to sit in any situation.

Absorbent and resistant thanks to its triple thickness. With a pocket of recovery. Sweet, it respects baby's skin not to irritate him. Sold by 12. Recommended retail price: 4,50 €.

In pharmacies and in partner health stores.

Gb Pockit Stroller

Here is the smallest and lightest stroller available on the market according to Guinness World Records. With its unique and intelligent folding, it measures only 30 x 18 x 35 cm. Barely larger than a water bottle, it is also very light (4.3 kg). Its price: 249,95 €

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Nomadic night light from Pabobo

This portable night light adapts to ambient light and offers 70 hours of autonomy. 22 € 90 (Pabobo).

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Tigex 3 in 1 umbrella bed

With 2 sleeping positions, including a height specially dedicated for newborns, this bed is ideal for baby fighters! In addition, it has a removable diaper. 69,90 € in large and medium surfaces

Boonbol Soft Bowl

Plastic bowl with blue and orange receptacle. Convenient to prevent baby overflowing! Price: € 17.44 (Amazon)

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Suction cup strap Etsy

Whether in the car seat, stroller or high chair, this polka-dot strap will prevent baby from losing his cup of hands. Price: € 8.71 (Etsy)

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Allo Baby Car Mirror

Small car rearview mirror for mom and dad to watch baby without having to turn around! Price: 33,40 € (Baby Allo).

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Tomy Boon Food Dispenser Spoon

Spoon with tank, very convenient for traveling! Price: 9,90 € (Amazon)

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Luc et Léa travel suitcase

Very chic, this small suitcase contains baby essentials for holidays or weekends: a box of saline, a bottle of oleocatalog liniment and a bottle of 150ml: 14.90 €

In pharmacies.

Travel pot cow Mother Natur'elle

As practical as it is funny. Plastic travel pot easily transportable. Price: 34.95 € (Mother Natur'elle).

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Two sun visors with Ark Allo Bébé

Ideal for distracting baby and protecting him from the sun during long car trips. Price: € 28.25.

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Umbrella bed Light BabyBjörn

For babies from birth to 3 years, a lightweight umbrella bed easy to fold and unfold ideal for holidays. He sits in his bag when you no longer need it. Several colors to choose: 239,90 € (BabyBjörn).

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Nomad Link Baby Bottle Warmer Suavinex

Practical on vacation, this bottle warmer can heat bibs and small pots. Easy to carry, it also has an adapter for the car: 50 € (Suavinex).

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Babysun pop up sun visor

Less bulky than the traditional umbrella, this stroller sun visor, with a diameter of 34 cm, offers a protective shade to baby. It adapts easily to all strollers and can also be installed on the walker, swing or car. Its anti-UV coating guarantees well protected rides: 14,90 € (Babysun).

In large and medium-sized areas.

Skip Hop Onyx changing bag

Practical on the go, this nice diaper bag (55 x 55 cm closed size) offers many storage pockets and a mattress: 39.99 € (Skip Hop).

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Beach Pool Oxybul Awakening & Games

Give baby a personal pool on the beach! Usable from 1 to 3 years, it allows to paddle safely and have fun because it is sold with 13 small beach games included. Its diameter: 6 cm. 19,99 € (Oxybul Awakening & Games).

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Babysun ultralight travel cot

To ensure a comfortable sleep on the move, here is an ultra-light bed (less than 4 kg), which also offers compact folding and space-saving storage in its carrying case (61 x 55 cm).

Ideal up to 3 years, its high dimensions (100 x 60 x 62 cm) guarantee the safety of small stunt: 139 € (Babysun).

In large and medium-sized areas.

Orgakiddy disposable changing mattress protector

Highly absorbent thanks to its triple thickness, it provides more comfort and allows baby to change anywhere. Sold by 5. RRP: 3,99 €.

In pharmacies and in partner health stores.

Guardian angel

Day and night, this pretty owl opens the eye to protect his brood. Attached to the rear window of the car it invites motorists to be cautious. Arriving at destination, it comes off its suction cup to become tender comforter.
Plush baby on board Badabulle, 5,30 €.
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Good night, little ones

Not even afraid to sleep anywhere other than at home if this beautiful light ladybug is part of the trip. It diffuses a soft light, continuous or flashing, and stops automatically after 60 minutes. Wireless on the paw, it works with batteries to accompany the little fighters.
Nomad ladybird night light from Tigex, 19,90 €.
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To wait in transport, this organizer is attached to the front seat of the car and offers young passengers enough to store everything that makes journeys more enjoyable. Storage pockets, bottle or bottle holder, clip fastener: everything is provided.
Safety first travel organizer, 12 €.
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Original, this activity cover bends over backwards to make itself useful. With its clever fastening system, it becomes alternately carpet, park, sofa or tent games. Multifunction for a minimum size, it is ideal for traveling.
Pilimat of Babytolove, € 119.95.
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Guided tour

Ideal for exploring a new city, this 3D folding urban stroller is ultra-compact when closed and worn over the shoulder. A concentrate of technology for a featherweight of 5 kg. Stroller Yezz from Quinny, 179 €
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It's inflated

Never without his bath? Nothing is easier with this bathtub which fits in the suitcase and inflates on arrival to have all the comfort. Equipped with a removable lounger, it is suitable from birth to 2 years, then becomes paddling to ward off the heat.
Babymoov evolutionable inflatable bathtub: 26,90 €.
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Chasing the natural

It is not its pop colors that make mosquitoes flee but the natural assets released by this bracelet for children. It wraps around your ankle or wrist for long-lasting protection that resists even swimming!
Phytosun Roll & Clips anti-mosquito bracelet, € 8 with two 15-day refills.
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Protective wing

All shelters, especially the smallest if the sun is good. Under this UV protection tent, they will enjoy the outdoors without fear for their skin. It unfolds in the blink of an eye thanks to the pop up system and has a mosquito net opening at the top, for a good ventilation.
UPF 50 + anti-UV pop up tent from Tigex, 27 €.
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