Your baby 0-1 year

8 small games for baby hands

His tiny hand closes on your finger. Your baby has just given you a real message of love. It's up to you to teach him to untie this formidable tool that is his hand. Relaxation, sensitivity, fine grip, coordination ... here are 8 clever games to share.

For relaxation (from 3 months):

1. Massage your baby's palm with your thumb gently, then massage one by one his ten fingers

2. Put a pearl in the palm of his hand and gently pull it up to the tips of his fingers to teach him how to steady his grip (a little game that he will do only under your supervision, of course.)

For sensitivity (from 6 months):

3. Make a binder of different textures by pasting silver paper, crepe paper, silk, corduroy, fur, corrugated cardboard, etc. onto stiff cardboard sheets.

For fine prehension (from 9 months):

4. Make a large necklace (not closed) of wooden beads of all sizes leaving a large piece of string empty: your toddler will have fun sliding them along the string

Refine your decision by offering him to catch flat objects: a ruler, a cardboard card ...

For coordination (from 10 months):

5. Of course, he already knows how to do "So do, do, do little puppets"! Add to his repertoire: "Tape, tap, little hand, turn, turn small mill ..."

6. If you do not fear too much for your ears, the drums are great for coordination. No need to buy a real one: two saucepans and two wooden spoons will do the trick!

For relaxation (from 12 months):

7. Ask him to do on you the small animal that goes up, which goes up, alternating his four fingers.

8. Stick five circles of different colors on the table and have him strum singing to accompany him (as if he was playing on a mute piano).

Karine Ancelet