I lift my foot

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  • I'm never in the moment. While I'm bathing children, I already think of the meal ... It says: I slow down my actions, literally. I choose an activity that I do mechanically, for example to shower: I slow down to the extreme each of my actions, as if I was weightless.
  • I focus on my muscles, my breath, the glove that I hold. I'll be aware of a lot of details that usually escape me, like the feeling of water on my shoulders, the smell of the shower gel. This exercise allows me to ask myself, to appreciate the moment, to learn to listen to me.

The rhythm of children, a model to follow

  • Rather than blaming my children for taking their time because I do not know how to take mine, I better sometimes try to follow my rhythm! An idea to take? Invent a ritual, they love and they are the champions for that! It does not matter which one we will choose together: to dine around a candle every Wednesday evening with a nice cover, to make a cake with yogurt on Sunday and to taste it during a snack ...
  • The important thing is not to derogate and do not do it quickly. What is the purpose of this ritual? To take a stop on images, to take a break: it forces to break the whirlwind of everyday life, to stop, to reconnect with oneself and others. It's a moment of sharing, stolen at times that go too fast, a privileged and protected moment.

Marie Auffret-Pericone

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