I give him confidence in him

I give him confidence in him

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Every day, find one of the tips from the 5th issue of the collection "Les Essentiels d ': 56 good plans to be a mom at the top in 2011". Today, our advice to succeed in his education.

  • The essential, show me positive. "Bravo!", "You're a real acrobat!", "I love your drawing!" I'm usually stingy with compliments? Now that I'm a parent, I'm going to have to start. Because, if I told my child that he is a champion, he will do everything to prove me right! No, I will not give him a big head.
  • He offers me, proud as a peacock, my portrait, an amazing squiggle in green felt? I refrain from laughing. On the contrary, I congratulate him! Then give him, with fingering, some tracks to progress. And what if he was now doing his dad's portrait in several colors? Most importantly, in one way or another, my child will show initiative and independence. I congratulate him for what he does well, while encouraging him for the rest. The idea is to be constructive!

I participate in his sociability

  • Who says fulfilled, says open to others! And since the little man is not necessarily and naturally turned towards others, I will have to help him a little. So, for me to think of inviting the little cousin or the little neighbor for great moments of sharing ... or at least an attempt to share. Because everything is learned, even communication. And if these exchanges are necessarily cries and tears, say that this is commonplace and normal. To accept losing, for example, a child must wait to blow at least his fifth candle!

Marie Auffret-Pericone

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