He's crying every night ...

He's crying every night ...

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That's it ! The afternoon is over, here is your baby who starts an interminable concert of tears. It's his way of relieving the stress of the day. The ideal remedy? Calm ... when it's possible!

Every night, at dinner time, around 6pm, your baby starts crying and you can not comfort him. The pace is accelerating and the cries of your little one with! Rest assured, this scenario is not an exception. These end-of-day crying are very frequent between 1 and 3 months (then, they tend to decline). They even gave them a name: evening "dysrhythmia".

Why does he cry in the evening?

  • He took habits in utero. Warm in your belly, it is indeed in the early evening that your future baby was the most agitated and he gave more kicks. He continues his momentum.
  • He has trouble with the day / night rhythm. During the day, your toddler regularly alternates periods of sleep and others of awakening. But happens a moment, precisely at the end of the day, where the system is infected, where the alternation can not happen. Your baby is then the victim of a "runaway" of his system of awakening and does not know how to stop it. It's hard to keep up with the day-night rhythm.
  • He lets off steam. Stress is not foreign to this phenomenon either. Throughout the day, your infant builds up tension, like everyone else. Except he can not evacuate by going around the block running! After the solicitations of the day, his waking system is racing and he does not know how to control it. So when the cup is full, he lets off steam as he can, with the means at his disposal!
  • Sometimes it hurts. These evening crying can be caused by pain. A baby who suffers shrieks particularly sharp and shrill, easy enough to recognize. It is enough that the last bottle was drunk a little quickly so that a small burp remains stuck! Nothing is more painful for your baby than a pocket of air stuck in the stomach or esophagus: because of the lying position, she can not go back to find the way out.

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