Your baby 0-1 year

Generalist, pediatrician, PMI: who to take care of his health?

Cold, vaccines, growth, sprain ... your child must, of course, be followed by a doctor. Yes, but which one? Generalist, pediatrician, PMI ... Here are our tips and testimonials from parents to make the choice that best fits your expectations.

The generalist

  • Nicknamed "family doctor" because he also cares for dad, mom and sometimes other members of the tribe, the generalist is the one most people consult for their child, especially in small towns and cities. the countryside.
  • He heals physical ailments and pains in his office and sometimes at home. Practice if your child has 40 ° C fever!
  • His relationship with his patients, young and old, is long-term: he takes charge of their health as a whole and over several years. He is still working with other health professionals: radiologists, surgeons, nurses, pediatricians and physiotherapists.

The pediatrician

  • The pediatrician accompanies children from their first hours until their 15-16 years, sometimes even more.
  • Growth, vaccines, bronchiolitis, chickenpox, otitis ... but also sleep disorders, diet or educational difficulties, in principle none of the little health problems that punctuate the life of your child escapes him.
  • He too, like the generalist, works with a network of specialists of the childhood, psychomotricians, psychologists, speech therapists ...
  • Today, with rising costs and declining revenues, pediatricians are rare except in the big cities.


  • Maternal and Child Health (PMI) is a public health service that welcomes mothers and children under 6 free of charge. Founded in 1945 as Social Security, its goal was to reduce child mortality, which was very important at the time.
  • On the spot, doctors give medical care, vaccinate, take stock of the state of health of the children and track the sensory impairments, the relational and developmental disorders, the psychomotor delays or the chronic affections.
  • For, in addition to the doctor, the PMI offers the services of a nursery nurse, childcare auxiliaries and a psychologist.

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