Pancakes: good writing ideas

Pancakes: good writing ideas

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The pancakes ... we really like that in the writing! And each has its own recipe or personal tip to share. Discover our good (well, hopefully ...) ideas and share yours!

The recipe of 4.3, 2.1

To help your young cook to remember the proportions for pancake batter, a simple trick: the recipe for "4.3, 2.1" (for twenty pancakes):

  • 4 large glasses of milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 glasses of flour
  • 1 pinch of salt.

Nice, the Tagada idea

  • Buy Tagada strawberries, cut them into slices.
  • Pour a bit of dough into the pan and add a few pieces of Tagada strawberries.
  • Mmmmmm it's beautiful and it's good!
  • The small +: we do not even have to put sugar in the dough!

Decoration, the disco pancake

  • Divide the pancake batter into 3 bowls and add in each of the food colors (blue, red, green ...). Each bowl has its color!
  • Pour in the skillet a bit of blue, quickly a second row of red and in the wake of a 3rd of green ... and here is a crepe fun, disco ... and unique!

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