How to stay cool?

To always feel clean, it's important to choose the right deodorant. Our advice and our selection of products will guarantee a well-being effect in all circumstances.

How to choose ?

Difficult to navigate the many proposals but nothing prevents you to change depending on the circumstances.

  • Feel fresh, choose a traditional spray.
  • Fragile skin, prefer for deodorant ball or roll-on nomadic format and balm texture.
  • After hair removal, opt for a care with soothing active ingredients.
  • Need natural, it is an organic care that you need.
  • Immediate dry effect, opt for the stick.
  • Wear black clothes, plebiscite the antitraces.
  • Significant perspiration, limit it with an antiperspirant.
  • Adept at the principle of precaution, go for formulas without paraben, without aluminum salts, paraben. without perfume.

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