DIY: the herb gardener

Plant, pack, water, cut ... and admire. It does not take more to create a colorful and fragrant planter. At your plantations!

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  • Gardening brings a lot to our "little sprouts", especially the townspeople cut off from Nature. Gardening combines observation and practice, and allows many educational extensions. By discovering the life of plants, your child learns some basic notions of biology (with a soil like this, you need a plant).
  • He will also understand the cycles of life,to cope with the weather, the climate and the seasons so that its plantations grow well ... Finally, it will be more sensitive to the problems of the environment (limited resources, fragile balance of the planet, rare water ...). Real lessons of things.
  • At the same time as your garden, your child sharpens his curiosity and his five senses. Gardening is touching (textures of different plants ...), feeling (the scent of a rose, the smell of the earth ...), listening (rustling leaves ...), tasting (cherry tomatoes or basil which grow on the window sill) and also admire the pretty flower ...
  • It's also a way to take responsibility.Motivated by the prospect of a harvest, your child takes responsibility for his actions. He must understand that if he does not water his flower, it will not flourish, for example. He also trains with patience: between the seed he sows and the appearance of a stalk, what time to wait ... But what a beautiful plant!

Agnès Barboux and Safia Amor